Coal based pellet activated carbon

Coal based columnar activated carbon is a kind of high efficient adsorption material, which is prepared from high quality coal as raw material through fine processing and special molding technology. Its shape is columnar, with high specific surface area and adsorption capacity, suitable for various applications in gas phase adsorption.

Product Characteristics

Columnar shape
With uniform columnar structure, it increases the surface area and fluid transfer efficiency, optimizing the adsorption performance.

High Mechanical Strength
Not easily broken or deformed under pressure and flow rate changes, reducing the risk of contaminant clogging and prolonging service life.

Customizable sizes and CTC
Size and CTC can be adjusted according to application requirements, realizing optimal cost-effective multi-scenario applications.

High adsorption performance
Large specific surface area and rich microporous structure provide excellent adsorption performance.

Customized requirements can be achieved by impregnating chemicals, metals, etc., such as mercury removal, H2S removal, ammonia removal, etc.

Renewable and reusable
The adsorption performance can be restored through pyrolysis or reactivation to extend the service life.


  • Industrial exhaust gas purification
  • Organic solvent recovery
  • Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) removal
  • Catalyst carriers
  • Gas separation
  • Vapor Recovery
  • Air Purification
  • Water Treatment



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