Incineration flue gas purification

Incineration flue gas refers to the smoke, exhaust gas and other pollutants generated in the process of industrial production, energy utilization or garbage disposal, etc. The process of garbage incineration will emit secondary pollutants into the environment, and pollutants such as dioxin, mercury and heavy metals will cause different degrees of harm to human health and the environment.

Through the adsorption function of activated carbon, it can effectively remove the toxic and harmful substances in the flue gas, purify the flue gas and meet the environmental requirements.

Waste incineration power plants are commonly used is the method of carrying flow injection combined with bag de-dusting, the cost is low and dioxin removal efficiency is high, up to 95% or more. It is the use of activated carbon huge surface area, suitable pore structure and good adsorption.

We are a professional activated carbon supplier with rich experience in incineration flue gas treatment. We have provided activated carbon products and solutions for many domestic waste incineration plants, medical waste incineration plants, waste incineration power plants and other customers.

We are committed to providing customers with high-quality ZL powdered activated carbon products and professional technical support to help customers improve the incineration flue gas treatment efficiency, to achieve the goal of environmental protection management.

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Carbón activo en polvo a base de carbón
  • 200 / 325 mesh
  • Highest capacity available
  • Dioxin removal
  • Heavy metal removal


Coal pelletized activated carbon
  • 4 mm
  • Impregnation grade
  • Eliminación del mercurio


Carbón activo en polvo
  • 200 / 325 mesh
  • Eliminación del mercurio
  • Heavy metal removal
  • Highest capacity available

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