Automotive Vapor Recovery

Evaporation of gasoline in the fuel system of motor vehicles is a major potential source of hydrocarbon air pollution. Such emissions can be controlled by using an activated carbon canister system that adsorbs and retains the evaporated vapors.

Activated carbon plays a key role in these systems. Our activated carbon products are specifically designed to provide excellent vapor adsorption performance for automotive vapor recovery systems.

Our technical team can work with you to determine the optimal parameters such as adsorption capacity, hardness, and pore size distribution. We optimize our production process to create a carbon with the following characteristics:

  • High specific surface area and porosity to achieve maximum vapor adsorption capacity
  • High hardness to resist wear from fuel vapor flow
  • Customized pore size distribution tailored for hydrocarbon vapors
  • High mechanical strength to prevent loss

With over 20 years of experience in developing activated carbon solutions for emission and odor control, we have the expertise to provide effective carbon products for automotive vapor recovery. Our manufacturing facility adheres to strict quality standards to ensure consistent and reliable performance.

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Activated Carbon for Automotive Vapor Recovery
  • High strength, good wear resistance
  • Highest capacity available
  • Highest capacity available

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