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Water-washed activated carbon is an efficient adsorbent material that undergoes a water-washing process during its preparation, thereby enhancing its purity and adsorption performance. It can be applied in various fields such as water treatment, gas purification, food processing, and pharmaceutical industry.

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Water washed Activated Carbon Suppliers

Qizhong Chemical is a leading supplier of water-washed activated carbon in the industry. We offer different particle sizes, iodine values, and different forms such as powder and granular to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our products are certified to ISO, NSF, and other standards, and we can guarantee short delivery times and quick delivery.

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What is water washed activated carbon?

Washed activated carbon is a specially processed activated carbon product that has undergone a water washing treatment to remove most impurities and ash content, making it purer and suitable for applications that require high purity. It can effectively remove organic matter, chlorine, oil, colorants, odor, heavy metals, and other pollutants in water, and it also has wide applications in gas purification, food processing, pharmaceutical industry, and other fields.

Characteristics and Advantages

  1. High purity
  2. Enhanced adsorption performance
  3. Low ash content
  4. Low soluble substance content

Technical Specifications

Raw materialsCoconut shell, coal
TypeGranular activated carbon
Ash content1% max.
Moisture content5% max.
Iodine value800-1100
Mesh size4-8mesh, 8-30mesh, 12-40mesh, 200mesh

Washed activated carbon applications

Here are some common application areas or specific uses:

Water treatment
Used in drinking water and industrial wastewater treatment to remove organic pollutants, color, odor, and harmful substances

Food and pharmaceuticals
Used for decolorization, deodorization, and purification in food and pharmaceutical processing, improving product quality.

Gas phase adsorption
Removes volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and odors from gases.

Chemical industry
Can be used as a catalyst carrier, adsorbent, and catalyst.

Product Packaging

  • 20kg /25kg per bag
  • Customized Packaging

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