Methanol Production

Methanol is an important organic chemical, which is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical and energy fields. We provide catalyst solutions for methanol production by syngas process.

We are the market leading supplier of catalysts to methanol synthesis.

Methanol is an important organic chemical raw material, which is widely used in industry. Its synthesis process usually uses syngas as the raw material and reacts with a catalyst to synthesize methanol under high temperature and pressure.

The synthesis of methanol is divided into two main steps:

First stage

The first step is the preparation of syngas, which is the gasification of carbonaceous fuels such as natural gas, coal and oil to obtain a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen, known as syngas.

Feed gas purification:
Syngas is usually prepared using natural gas, coal gas, etc. These feed gases may contain impurities such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, etc., which need to be removed by various purification processes using adsorbents and catalysts.
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Steam reforming:
The feed gas is mixed with steam in a certain ratio and fed into the catalyst bed for reforming reaction to produce a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen. The reaction is usually carried out at high temperature and pressure and the catalyst is usually a nickel-based catalyst. Learn about our reforming catalyst products.

CH4 + 2H20 ↔ 4H2 + CO2

Second stage

The second step is the synthesis of methanol. The synthesis of methanol occurs by mixing the syngas with water vapor and passing it through the action of a catalyst. The reaction occurs at high temperature and pressure, with the temperature in the reactor usually being 200-300°C and the pressure being around 5 MPa, using a copper-based low-temperature, high-activity catalyst for the process of methanol production.

The catalyst for the methanol synthesis reaction is usually a mixture of zinc oxide and copper, known as a “copper-zinc catalyst”.

Copper-zinc methanol synthesis catalyst

Copper-based catalysts Cu-Zn-Al
Active component: Cu
Carrier: Al203
Features: low activity temperature, good balance for methanol production, good selectivity, can be used at low pressure.

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The chemical equation of the methanol synthesis reaction is:

C0+2H2→CH:OH(g) △H=90.8kJ/mol
CO2+3H2→CH3OH(g)+H2O AH-49.5kJ/mol

We are a catalyst solutions specialist focusing on methanol synthesis solutions, helping our customers gain a competitive edge in the marketplace by providing high performance catalysts and technical support to improve production efficiency and quality.

Our dedicated team is constantly developing new catalysts and technologies to achieve higher efficiency and lower energy consumption in the methanol synthesis process. Our goal is to provide excellent products and services to our customers and work with them to create a better future.

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