Synthetic urea

Urea is a chemical widely used in fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, resins and other fields, and its main production process is made by the synthesis reaction of ammonia synthesis method.

Urea is an excellent nitrogen fertilizer with high nitrogen content, non-volatile, non-hygroscopic, easy to transport and store, etc. It is widely used in various agricultural production. In addition, urea is an important raw material for the synthesis of many chemicals and resins.

Industrial synthesis of urea directly from NH and C02 is carried out in four steps as follows:

  1. NH3 and C02 raw material supply and purification
  2. NH3 and C02 synthesis of urea
  3. Separation and recovery of unreacted urea material.
  4. Processing and granulation of urea solution

The process of urea production also involves the treatment, recycling and purification of gases, in which adsorbents and catalysts play a vital role.

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