CO shift catalyst

For water gas conversion reactions in ammonia production or hydrogen production units (promoting the formation of hydrogen and carbon dioxide from carbon monoxide and water vapor).

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CO shift catalyst is used for CO shift reactions in hydrogen production and ammonia synthesis processes

Under certain conditions, carbon monoxide and water vapor, etc. react to form hydrogen and carbon dioxide (CO + H2O → H2 + CO2). In ammonia synthesis or hydrogen production plants, the early carbon monoxide conversion reaction is usually carried out in two stages, i.e. high (medium) temperature conversion and low temperature conversion.

High (medium) temperature conversion with iron system as catalyst (NB113), typical water vapor and carbon monoxide ratio of about 3, at a temperature of 300 ~ 500 ℃, air speed of 2000 ~ 4000 h-1 conditions, high temperature conversion furnace outlet carbon monoxide content of 2% ~ 5%.

Low temperature conversion with high activity of copper and zinc catalyst (B208), at a temperature of 180 ~ 280 ℃, air speed of 2000 ~ 4000 h-1 conditions Under the condition of 2000-4000 h-1, the carbon monoxide content at the outlet of the low temperature converter is 0.1%.

Our CO shift catalysts include:

Technical parameters of iron catalyst

  • The total iron content of iron catalyst for ammonia synthesis: 68~72%; iron ratio: 0.55-0.65.
  • The particle size series of the catalyst are: 1.5~2.2mm; 2.2~3.3mm; 3.3~4.7mm; 4.7~6.7mm; 6.7~9.4mm; 9.4~13.0mm. We can also customize according to different clients’ requirements.

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