Catalyst Support Media

Used to support and stabilize catalyst particles, which act as structural support in catalytic reactions.

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Catalyst support media solutions for a wide range of industries including petroleum, chemical and environmental

Catalyst bed support media is a widely used material in industries such as petroleum, chemical, fertilizer, gas, and environmental protection, used to provide support for catalyst beds. It has excellent anti-corrosion and wear resistance properties, effectively reducing the risk of catalyst contamination. The use of this media also prevents blockages of the catalyst during the reaction process, thereby improving the performance of the reactor. Therefore, this media has become an ideal choice for all types of catalysts.

Catalyst support media characteristics

  • High surface area: provide more active surface, increase the contact area between catalyst and reactants, thus improve the rate and efficiency of catalytic reaction.
  • Stability: The support medium should have good chemical and thermal stability and be able to remain stable under high temperature and severe reaction conditions.
  • Mechanical strength: able to withstand the pressure and mechanical stress in the catalytic reaction, not easily broken or worn.
  • Chemical inertness: The support medium should be chemically inert to avoid interfering with the catalytic reaction.

Our Catalyst Support Media include:

Technical parameters of iron catalyst

  • The total iron content of iron catalyst for ammonia synthesis: 68~72%; iron ratio: 0.55-0.65.
  • The particle size series of the catalyst are: 1.5~2.2mm; 2.2~3.3mm; 3.3~4.7mm; 4.7~6.7mm; 6.7~9.4mm; 9.4~13.0mm. We can also customize according to different clients’ requirements.

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