Mercury chloride catalyst for the synthesis of vinyl chloride

Coconut shell mercury chloride catalyst uses coconut activated carbon as the carrier, mercuric chloride as the main active component, and is processed by John Brown technology. This product is used in the synthesis of catalysts in the synthesis of acetylene fixed bed vinyl chloride.

Physical properties:

Product NameMercury chloride catalyst
Size2mm - 5mm (granular)
HgCl2(wt)5.0-6.5 (%)
Hardness98% min.
Moisture content≤0.3%
Bulk density500-560 g/L

Product features:

  • Large active surface area, short cultivation period.
  • High conversion rate of vinyl chloride. At a space velocity of 3565 h-1, the conversion rate is above 99.0%.
  • The temperature of the reaction bed is uniformly stable, with no hot spots.
  • Strong resistance to poisoning, low loss and consumption of mercuric chloride.
  • Long service life, under normal process control, a single converter can operate for more than 8000 hours.
  • Low filling density.


25kg/bag. Inner double-layer plastic bag, outer woven bag or moisture-proof paper bag.

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