5A Molecular Sieve

5A molecular sieve is a type of silicon-aluminum zeolite that has a pore size of about 5Å (angstroms), which allows selective adsorption of molecules with a diameter smaller than 5Å. It has a high adsorption capacity and strong adsorption selectivity, making it suitable for applications such as PSA adsorption units for hydrogen and oxygen production, petrochemical industry, and gas drying and purification in the pharmaceutical industry.

Product Specifications

ParameterTechnical Requirement
Particle Size (mm)1.6-2.5
Bulk Density (g/ml)0.72±0.02
Nitrogen Adsorption (ml/g)≥11
Nitrogen-Oxygen Separation Factor>3.1
Crushing Strength (N)≥30
Static Water Adsorption (%)≥25


Here are the main application areas of 5A molecular sieve:

  • Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) for hydrogen and oxygen production
  • Separation of normal and iso-alkanes
  • Gas drying and purification
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