Methanol synthesis catalyst

A highly efficient and stable catalyst designed for methanol production. It has excellent catalytic activity and selectivity and can achieve high methanol yields at low temperatures and pressures.

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Copper and zinc based methanol synthesis catalysts are widely used in methanol production process

Methanol synthesis catalyst suppliers

Methanol is an extremely important chemical raw material, widely used in organic synthesis, dyes, fuels, pharmaceuticals, coatings and defense industries. Methanol is generally produced industrially from synthesis gas containing H2, CO and CO2 under certain conditions of pressure, temperature and catalyst presence.

At present, methanol is commonly synthesized by medium and low pressure vapor phase method, and the catalysts used are basically mixed oxides of copper, zinc and aluminum. We can supply C309 Al-Cu-Zn catalysts for low and medium to high pressure methanol synthesis units.

Methanol synthesis catalyst suppliers

Our CO conversion catalysts include:

Technical parameters of iron catalyst

  • The total iron content of iron catalyst for ammonia synthesis: 68~72%; iron ratio: 0.55-0.65.
  • The particle size series of the catalyst are: 1.5~2.2mm; 2.2~3.3mm; 3.3~4.7mm; 4.7~6.7mm; 6.7~9.4mm; 9.4~13.0mm. We can also customize according to different clients’ requirements.

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