Methanation catalysts

J105 nickel based methanation catalyst is used in ammonia and hydrogen production processes to react small amounts of carbon oxides (typically CO+CO2<1.2%) in the synthesis gas with hydrogen to form water and the inert gas methane, protecting the ammonia catalyst and preventing crystallisation from blocking the system.

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High activity nickel-based methanation catalyst for syngas production

Methanation catalysts suppliers

Methanation catalysts are used in the hydro-methanation process of small amounts of CO and CO2 remaining in the hydrogen-rich gas of ammonia and hydrogen production plants to eliminate carbon oxides and protect ammonia synthesis. The methanation process is currently used in large ammonia plants using natural gas, oilfield gas and light oil as feedstock, as well as in some medium-sized plants using coal as feedstock.

It is mainly used for deep purification to make CO+CO2 ≤ 10 ppm in the gas, with the following main reactivities:

CO+3H2 = CH4+H2O+206.2 kJ/mol
CO2+4H2 = CH4+2H2O+165 kJ/mol

The catalyst has good strength, high activity, good low temperature activity and certain anti-toxic properties. The catalyst is easy to be reduced and has a long service life.

Methanation catalysts suppliers

Our methanation catalysts include:

Technical parameters of iron catalyst

  • The total iron content of iron catalyst for ammonia synthesis: 68~72%; iron ratio: 0.55-0.65.
  • The particle size series of the catalyst are: 1.5~2.2mm; 2.2~3.3mm; 3.3~4.7mm; 4.7~6.7mm; 6.7~9.4mm; 9.4~13.0mm. We can also customize according to different clients’ requirements.

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