Gas processing

Raw material gas purification and emission control are key elements to achieve sustainable development, and they are key measures to achieve sustainable industrial production and protect the environment.

We have a wide range of catalyst and adsorbent products for gas processing

Raw material gas purification is of great importance in industrial production. It ensures product quality, protects production equipment and improves production efficiency, while protecting the environment and human health. For example, in syngas catalytic plants, impurities are usually toxic and can lead to catalyst inactivity, and precious metal catalysts are expensive, so purification has an important impact in terms of production efficiency and economics.

Emission control can effectively reduce the pollution and negative impact on the environment during industrial production. By removing harmful substances and pollutants from the emission gas, the quality of the atmosphere, waters and soil are protected and the ecological balance and human health are maintained. By recovering and reusing useful components from exhaust gases, production costs can also be reduced and the consumption of natural resources reduced.

Mercury Removal

7ChemTech offers activated carbon, zeolite-based mercury removal adsorbents. By using mercury removal adsorbents, the risk of mercury corrosion and damage to production equipment can be reduced, reducing the potential environmental and human health hazards of mercury.

Sulfur removal

We offer a wide range of desulfurization adsorbent products for natural gas, biogas and other gas phase desulfurization.

VOCs removal

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are a class of volatile chemicals that include a wide range of compounds and are widely found in industrial, commercial and domestic environments.Emissions and exposures to VOCs can have a variety of negative environmental and health effects.

We offer activated carbon and molecular sieve products for VOC removal.

Synthetic urea CO2 Gas Purging

The CO2 feed gas for urea synthesis contains a certain amount of CO, H2, CH4, N2 and sulfide, etc. The presence of explosive gases such as H2, CO and CH4 is the biggest safety hazard for urea production.

We provide hydrogen removal catalysts, activated alumina balls, zinc oxide desulfurizers, etc. for CO2 gas purification.

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