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Activated carbon is a specially treated adsorbent material with well-developed voids, and these pores give activated carbon excellent adsorption properties, which can efficiently adsorb and remove pollutants such as organics, heavy metals, and odors from water, gases, and solutions.

Whether you are looking for an efficient water treatment solution or you need high quality activated carbon for industrial production, we can provide the best choice and professional support. We look forward to working with you to provide excellent activated carbon solutions for your projects!

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Classified by shape

We specialize in the production of diverse forms of activated carbon types, including granular, powdered, and cylindrical shapes.

By raw material

Select high-quality raw materials such as coconut shell, wood, and coal to produce activated carbon.

Special activated carbon

We have achieved a broader range of applications by manufacturing activated carbon using multiple processing techniques.

Qizhong Activated Carbon Sustainable Solutions

Qizhong Chemical is an experienced precision Activated Carbon supplier, manufacturer, exporter in China. We are committed to providing sustainable solutions worldwide. Our extensive product range caters to industries such as water treatment, air purification, chemicals, food and beverage, and pharmaceuticals. Our strict quality control system ensures consistent and reliable activated carbon that meets international standards and exceeds customer requirements.

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Why Choose 7ChemTech?

Unveiling the Advantages of Partnering with Our Activated Carbon Solutions

Diverse Product Range

We deeply understand the needs of our customers and provide customized designs to meet the requirements of various industries and application areas. We are committed to providing our customers with the best solutions for optimal performance and efficiency.

Innovative Technology

Our company has an advanced research and development team and laboratory facilities, dedicated to continuously driving technological innovation in the field of activated carbon. We constantly explore new manufacturing methods and application areas to provide more efficient and sustainable activated carbon products.

Excellent Quality

Quality is our core value. We strictly control every aspect to ensure the superior stability of our activated carbon products. We adhere to international standards and validate our products through rigorous testing to ensure they meet the requirements of our customers.

Premium Service

Customer-centric, we provide excellent customer service. Our experienced team is ready to provide prompt response and professional guidance to our customers. We value communication with our customers and strive to build solid partnerships.

Activated Carbon Factory - qizhong Chemical

Manufacturing technology and quality assurance

With many years of experience in the field of activated carbon manufacturing, we continue to introduce advanced manufacturing techniques and technologies to ensure that our products are always in the leading position.

From the selection of raw materials to production and processing, we always maintain a meticulous attitude. Our production team consists of experienced professionals who ensure that every production step meets the highest standards.

Customer Focus Now

As a factory dedicated to providing high quality activated carbon products and solutions to our customers, we always put our customers’ needs and satisfaction first.

  • Rapid delivery
  • Low MOQ
  • Performance ratio
  • Customized Solutions
  • Professional technical support
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Activated Carbon PackagingActivated Carbon TestingActivated Carbon Exhibition

Cooperation and sustainable development

As a supplier of activated carbon, we firmly believe that cooperation is the key to achieving common goals, and we focus not only on short-term results, but also on long-term sustainable development. At the same time, we uphold the concept of sustainable development, aiming to provide our customers with high-quality products and solutions, while being environmentally and socially responsible.

Quality certification

We continue to raise our standards and have met our commitments in terms of quality, environmental protection and safety.

  • ISO9001,ISO14001
  • NSF

Packaging & Shipping

Well-designed packaging solutions and efficient logistics systems are used to ensure that the products remain intact during transportation.

  • 25kg/bag, 500kg ton bag (standard package)
  • Customized packaging (material, printing design, etc.)
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Activated Carbon Resources and FAQs

How to choose the right activated carbon product?

Choosing the right activated carbon product should consider factors such as application requirements, pollutant types, operating conditions, and activated carbon parameters. We recommend discussing with our professional team to evaluate and recommend the most suitable activated carbon product based on your specific needs.

Do you provide samples for testing?

Yes, we can provide samples for testing and evaluation. By testing the samples, you can understand the performance and suitability of activated carbon and compare it with your specific application requirements. Please contact our sales team to request samples and learn more about the sample provision process.

Do you accept custom orders?

Yes, we accept custom orders. Our professional team will work with you to customize activated carbon products based on your specific requirements and specifications. Please contact our sales team to discuss your custom requirements in detail and provide corresponding technical support and solutions.

What is the packaging of activated carbon like?

Activated carbon is usually provided in standard packaging forms such as bags (20/25kg bag) or packed in super sacks (ton bags). We will provide appropriate packaging methods based on the product type and order requirements to ensure the safety and integrity of activated carbon during transportation and storage. We also support custom packaging, such as printing customer brand and company information.

How long is the delivery time for activated carbon?

The delivery time depends on factors such as the scale of your order, product availability, and transportation distance. We are committed to ensuring timely delivery and providing reasonable delivery times based on your specific needs. Our sales team will work closely with you to provide accurate delivery times and tracking information.

How is the price of activated carbon determined? Do you offer competitive prices?

The price of activated carbon per metric ton depends on multiple factors, including product type, specifications, quantity, delivery location, and market supply and demand conditions. When it comes to pricing, we understand that customers typically consider cost-effectiveness and competitiveness when choosing suppliers. We offer the following advantages to ensure our prices are appealing:

  • Economies of scale: We have the advantage of economies of scale. Through bulk purchasing and efficient production processes, we can lower production costs and achieve cost savings.
  • Efficient production and supply chain management: We have advanced production facilities and efficient supply chain management systems. By optimizing production flow and supply chain operations, we can reduce costs and improve efficiency to provide customers with competitive prices.
  • Customized solutions for customers: We work closely with customers to understand their needs and requirements. We provide customized activated carbon solutions to achieve the best balance between price and performance based on the specific application requirements and budget limitations of customers.
  • Long-term partnership: We value establishing long-term partnerships with customers. Through close cooperation and communication with customers, we can better understand their needs, provide competitive prices, and grow and develop together.

Do you provide after-sales service and technical support?

Yes, we provide comprehensive after-sales service and technical support, including activated carbon selection, application advice, operation guidance, and troubleshooting. Our technical team has extensive experience and expertise to provide accurate and reliable technical support. We are committed to establishing long-term relationships with customers and ensuring they receive satisfactory support and service in the use of activated carbon.

How is activated carbon transported?

Activated carbon can be transported using various modes of transportation, including road, sea, and air transportation. The specific mode of transportation depends on factors such as the scale of the order, distance, and delivery time requirements. We will provide the best transportation solutions based on your needs to ensure the safe and timely delivery of activated carbon.

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