Coal based powdered activated carbon

Coal-based powdered activated carbon is a powdered activated carbon made from high-quality coal, commonly available in sizes of 200 or 325 mesh. The product is widely used in water treatment, industrial exhaust gas purification, food processing, and other fields.

Product features:

Uniform and fine particles
After crushing and sieving, powdered coal-based activated carbon has uniform and fine particle size and shape, providing a larger surface area and better adsorption performance.

Good pore structure
It has abundant pore structures including micropores, mesopores, and macropores, giving it a high porosity and adsorption capacity.

Excellent adsorption performance
It has outstanding adsorption performance and can effectively remove organic substances, heavy metals, and odors from water.

Economical and efficient
With relatively low raw material cost, powdered coal-based activated carbon is an economically effective choice for adsorbent materials.

Product applications:

  • Water treatment – Widely used in water treatment to purify water sources, remove pollutants, and improve water quality.
  • Air purification – It can remove harmful gases and odors from the air, such as in waste incineration gas treatment.
  • Food processing – Powdered coal-based activated carbon can be used for decolorization, deodorization, and purification in food processing.
  • Pharmaceutical field – Can be used for drug purification, toxin adsorption, and other applications.


25kg/bag. Inner double-layer plastic bag, outer woven bag or moisture-proof paper bag.

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