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Granular activated carbon can be divided into various types based on different preparation methods, raw materials, and treatment processes.

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Qizhong Chemical offers a full line of granular activated carbon products. Committed to technological innovation and sustainability for more than 20 years, Qizhong Chemical is an ISO 9001 certified, industry-leading supplier of granular activated carbon. Our granular activated carbon is certified to meet most HALAL, KOSHER and other standards or certifications.

For more information about our products, please contact our sales team or request a quote today. Qizhong Chemical is your trusted supplier of high quality wood-based activated carbon.

What is Granular activated carbon?

Granular activated carbon (GAC) is a form of activated carbon of small, irregularly shaped particles. GAC is produced by crushing and screening high-quality carbonaceous materials, such as coal or coconut shell, and then steam activation and carbonization process.

GAC media is an effective adsorbent with high pores and provides a large surface area to adsorb contaminants. It is essential to carefully consider certain tips when applying granular activated carbon (GAC).

  • Consider the specific contaminants to select the most suitable GAC type.
  • Choose the right particle size for optimal performance.
  • Determine proper bed depth and contact time for effective adsorption.
  • Regularly replace or regenerate GAC to maintain effectiveness.

Technical Specifications

Product NameGranular activated carbon
Raw materialsCoconut shell, Bituminous coal, anthracite
Mesh size4x8 / 4x12 / 6x12 / 8x16 / 8x30 / 12x40 / 20x50 / 30x60
Iodine value800 - 1150
Hardness95% min.


Water treatment
used in drinking water and industrial wastewater treatment to remove organic pollutants, color, odor, and harmful substances, thereby improving water quality. (8*30mesh, 12*40mesh, 30*60mesh)

Air purification
In indoor and outdoor air purification, coconut shell granular activated carbon can effectively remove volatile organic compounds, odors, and pollutants, improving air quality. (4-8mesh,4-12mesh)

Food processing
applied in food processing for decolorization, purification, and removal of off-flavors, enhancing food quality.(12-40mesh)

Industrial applications
Used in industrial processes for waste gas treatment, catalyst support, and solvent recovery, among other areas.

Gold recovery
Used for metal ion adsorption to achieve metal separation and recovery. Applied in gold ore adsorption processes, typically with a size range of 6-12 mesh or 8-16 mesh.

Product Packaging

  • 20kg /25kg per bag
  • Customized Packaging

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