Coal based granular activated carbon

Coal based granular activated carbon is an activated carbon material made from coal as raw material that finds wide applications in both liquid phase and gas phase adsorption due to its abundant pore structure and high surface area.

Product Specifications

Items Parameters
Product Name Granular activated carbon
Raw materials Bituminous coal, anthracite
Mesh size 4×8 / 4×12 / 6×12 / 8×16 / 8×30 / 12×40 / 20×50 / 30×60
Iodine value 800 – 1150
Hardness 95%


Here are some common uses of coal-based granular activated carbon:

  • Drinking water treatment – Used to remove organic compounds, heavy metals, harmful substances, and odors in water treatment processes such as pollutant removal, water purification, and chlorine removal.
  • Industrial wastewater treatment – Used to remove organic compounds, heavy metal ions, and colorants in industrial wastewater treatment, such as wastewater treatment plants and chemical factories.
  • Air purification – Used to remove harmful gases, odors, and pollutants in air purification systems, such as indoor air purification and greenhouse gas purification for vegetables.
  • Food and beverage – Used to remove impurities, odors, and pigments in food and beverage production, such as sugar decolorization in food processing.
  • Pharmaceutical industry – Used for the purification and removal of impurities and organic compounds in pharmaceutical production, such as purification and removal of harmful substances in drug manufacturing processes.
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