Hydrodesulfurization Catalyst

HDS catalyst – A catalyst commonly used in the petroleum refining and chemical industries for the removal of sulfides from fuels and chemical feedstocks.

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Hydrodesulfurization mainly refers to the hydroconversion desulfurization in the refining process, so that the organic sulfides (such as mercaptans, sulfur ethers, phosphorescence, tetrahydrothiophene, disulfides, etc.) in the raw material are hydrogenated and converted into H2S which can be easily removed for further removal and to protect the downstream catalyst from toxicity.

We provide hydrodesulfurization catalysts mainly including cobalt-molybdenum oxide catalyst (Co-Mo) and nickel-molybdenum oxide catalyst (Ni-Mo). With excellent sulfur conversion, selectivity and stability, they can be widely used in petroleum refining and chemical industries.

Hydrodesulfurization Catalyst suppliers

Features and Benefits:

Highly efficient sulfide removal: the catalyst can effectively convert sulfide into easily removable sulfide.

High selectivity: with good selectivity to avoid unnecessary side reactions.

Long-term stability: the catalyst remains stable and durable under high temperature, high pressure and violent reaction conditions, extending its service life.

Multiple applications: suitable for petroleum refining, chemical and other related industries to ensure product quality and meet environmental protection requirements.

Our CO conversion catalysts include:

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