Steam reforming catalysts

A catalyst for synthesis gas, whose main function is to catalyze the reaction of methane and steam at high temperature and pressure to produce synthesis gas (H2 and CO)

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Reforming catalysts for low-pressure reforming, secondary reforming and pre-forming tasks in ammonia or hydrogen production plants

Steam reforming catalyst supplier

The steam reforming reaction of methane is generally carried out in a reformer, sometimes called a reformer. Methane and water vapor are catalytically reacted at high temperatures (800 to 950°C) and pressures of 20 to 35 bar to produce a mixture of H2 and CO.

Catalysts for hydrocarbon steam reforming are generally based on loading nickel catalysts directly onto a molded refractory metal oxide carrier. We offer a full range of steam reforming catalysts with the advantages of low carbon build-up and high activity.

Steam reforming catalyst supplier

Our Steam reforming catalysts include:

Technical parameters of iron catalyst

  • The total iron content of iron catalyst for ammonia synthesis: 68~72%; iron ratio: 0.55-0.65.
  • The particle size series of the catalyst are: 1.5~2.2mm; 2.2~3.3mm; 3.3~4.7mm; 4.7~6.7mm; 6.7~9.4mm; 9.4~13.0mm. We can also customize according to different clients’ requirements.

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We offer a wide range of methane steam reforming catalysts to meet the different needs of our customers. Our catalysts offer high catalytic activity and selectivity, enabling higher syngas yields and quality. In addition, we offer customized catalyst solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers in their production processes.

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