SCR Denitrification catalyst

RN-302 denitrification catalyst uses ammonia as the reducing agent to selectively reduce and eliminate NOx from nitric acid, nitrate tail gas, and other industrial fumes, which can convert NOx to N2 and H2O.

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Denitrification catalyst is suitable for medium pressure, integrated and pressurized nitric acid systems.

Denitrification is the process of removing nitrogen oxides from combustion flue gases in order to prevent the environment. SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) process is the mainstream denitrification process, which uses a reducing agent (NH3, urea) under the action of a metal catalyst to reduce NOx (mainly NO) to N2 and H2O, which have little impact on the atmosphere.

SCR catalysts used in flue gas denitrification can be divided into high-temperature catalysts (345℃~590℃), medium-temperature catalysts (220℃~380℃) and low-temperature catalysts (80℃~300℃), and different catalysts are suitable for different reaction temperatures.

Our CO conversion catalysts include:

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