RN-372 low temperature ammonia selective reduction of NOx denitrification (SCR) catalyst

Product Information

RN-372 catalyst uses ammonia as reducing agent to eliminate NOx from nitric acid, nitrate exhaust and other industrial smoke, and can convert NOx into N2 and H2O. It is especially suitable for medium pressure or pressure nitric acid system, with medium temperature start fast and high denitration efficiency.

Working principle

6NO+4NH3→5N2+6H2O -1807.0KJ/mo1
6NO2+8NH3→7N2+12H2O -2659.9KJ/mo1

Technical indicators:

Specification: Ф3 ~ 4, 4 ~ 5 mm
Bulk specific gravity: 0.6 ~ 0.7g/ml
Pore volume:  0.40 ~ 0.50ml/g
Strength N/ grain: ≥80
Pressure: Normal pressure
Inlet temperature: 220 ~ 380℃
NH3/NOx(molecular ratio): 1.1 ~ 1.2
Gas airspeed h-1: 5000-10000
Conversion rate: > 95%
Service life: ≥3 years

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