C309 Copper based methanol synthesis catalyst

Product Information

C309 catalyst has advanced technical performance, with low activity temperature, good thermal stability and selectivity, and high methanol yield in empty time. It is mainly used in low pressure methanol reactor, but also can be used in medium and high pressure synthetic methanol or co-alcohol production.

Chemical composition:

C309 low pressure methanol synthesis catalyst is composed of copper, zinc, aluminum oxides, at the same time add a small amount of heat and sulfur resistance additives and a small amount of graphite and water.

Physical properties:

Outside view: Black cylindrical tablets
Size: φ5×5.0 ~ 5.5 ( or customized size according to user requirements)
Bulk density: 1.25 ~ 1.35g /ml
Specific surface: 80 ~ 100 m2/g
Radial crushing strength: ≥180N/cm

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