DH-2 CO2 dehydrogenation catalyst

Product Information

The DH-2 dehydrogenation catalysts are CO2 raw material gas dehydrogenation catalysts, which have high dehydrogenation activity, good anti-toxic performance, high mechanical strength, good thermal stability and so on. The comprehensive performance is equivalent to or exceeds the CN-101 catalyst of the American Engelhard on some indicators. It can be completely used as a substitute for CN-101 catalyst in the removal of hydrogen from CO2 raw materials in large and medium-sized fertilizer plants in China, reducing the residual hydrogen content in the exhaust gas to below 50PPM, fundamentally eliminating the risk of hydrogen-oxygen mixed explosion, avoiding explosion danger, and reducing ammonia consumption. It has significant social and economic benefits.

Main Composition:

DH-2 dehydrogenation catalyst is based on active alumina as the carrier, and the active components are precious metals such as platinum(Pt) and palladium(Pd).

Physicochemical properties of DH series dehydrogenation catalyst:

Appearance: gray, Φ2.5 ~ 3.5, ball type;
Bulk density: 0.60 ~ 0.70g/ml;
Specific surface area: ~ 170m2/ g;
Grain size: ~ 30A
Mechanical strength (spherical point pressure) : ≥7kg/ particle(Φ3mm);
Airspeed (h-1) : 2.0 x104;
Hydrogen content of reaction tail gas: < 50ppm;
Minimum full conversion temperature of hydrogen: 120℃;
Active components: Pd and Pt were not less than 0.24% (wt) and 0.06% (wt) respectively.
Operating temperature range: ≥120℃;
Loading aspect ratio: 0.9 ~ 1.0:1

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