Iron oxide desulfurizer

Product Information

Iron oxide desulfurization agent is a highly efficient gas purifier made of iron oxide as the main active component and processed with other accelerators.

Application areas:

Desulfurization agent is suitable for natural gas, water gas, coke oven gas, conversion gas, CO2, steel mill raw gas, biogas, petrochemicals and other gases to refine H2S removal.

Product characteristics:

High accuracy of desulfurization
Large working (penetration) sulfur capacity
Good strength, good water resistance
Can be applied in O2-free or high CO2 conditions

Physical properties:

Appearance: Reddish brown strip
Size: Ф(4~6)×(5~15)mm
Specific gravity: 1~1.2kg/l
Strength (side pressure): ≥60 N/cm

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