J105 type methanation catalyst

Product Information

J105 methanation catalyst is a catalyst produced by co-precipitation method with nickel as the active component, rare earths as the accelerator and alumina and magnesium oxide as the carrier. It is a new type of catalyst, combining the advantages of several catalysts currently in common use, with good reductive properties, high activity and heat resistance.

It is used in the ammonia industry to react small amounts of carbon oxides (typically CO+CO2<1.2%) in the synthesis gas with hydrogen to produce water and the inert gas methane to protect the ammonia synthesis catalyst and prevent crystallisation from blocking the system. The product can also be used in other hydrogen production processes to prepare high purity hydrogen.

Methanation catalyst working principle

CO and CO2, at a certain temperature and under the action of the methanation catalyst, react with H2 to produce CH4 and water vapour, which is condensed and separated by rear cooling to give a final qualified hydrogen containing only CH4 impurities. The methanation reaction is a volume-reducing, strongly exothermic process.


Chemical composition:

Nickel, alumina, rare earths, small amounts of additives etc

Physical properties:

Appearance: φ5×4~5mm, dark coloured cylindrical flakes
Mechanical crushing strength: ≥180N/cm
Bulk density: 1.0~1.15kg/L

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