NB113 Iron-chrome based medium and high temperature CO shift catalysts

Product Information

NB113 catalysts are made from high quality iron and are produced by the nitric acid method using ferrous solution and chromic anhydride co-precipitation, with small amounts of sulphur resistant components and other additives. The catalyst is mainly used in the CO conversion process of various synthetic ammonia plants using natural gas as raw material, and can also be used in the CO conversion of synthetic methanol gas and coke oven gas.

Main Composition:

Iron, chromium oxide, minor CuO and other additives.

Physical Properties:

Appearance: dark brown cylinder
Size: φ9×5~7mm
Bulk density: 1.4-1.5g/ml
specific surface: >90m2/g (oxidized state)   >80m2/g (reduced state)

Our NB113 catalyst is manufactured by unique method and has advantages as below:

  • Good activity under low temperature. It shows good activity even under 260℃ and get better conversion efficiency under 290~330℃.
  • Low sulfur content in its body. Sulfur in body is less than 200ppm.
  • High crush strength. Is not easy to shatter or crack after long time run.
  • Wide range of operating temperature. The bed temperature ranges from 340 to 460°C, any operation in this temperature range will not affect the activity life of the catalyst, and has good temperature operation flexibility.
  • Good sulfur resistance. Activity is stable even under condition of 0.3g/Nm3 H2S.
  • Low steam consumption. Due to the low activation energy of the transformation reaction on the catalyst, high activity and wide temperature range, the amount of steam added can be reduced to the minimum, and the normal water-air ratio is greater than 0.5.
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