T305 zinc oxide desulfurizer

T305 zinc oxide desulfurizer is a purifying agent for industrial raw gas (oil) such as petroleum, synthetic ammonia, organic synthesis and chemical fiber. It can be used as a low variation protective agent at 200 degrees. Zinc oxide desulfurizer can be placed before the chemical process and used in combination with hydrogenation conversion agent. It is also suitable for static desulfurization of methanol syngas, under the condition of low temperature (200-220 degrees) and high water vapor ratio (1∶1), the total sulfur can be removed to 0.06PPm. Whether at high temperature (350 degrees) or low temperature (200 degrees), it can get better desulfurization effect, which is a new type of strong adaptability of desulfurization agent.

Physical properties:

T305 zinc oxide desulfurizer is a solid desulfurizer of conversion absorption type. Besides hydrogen sulfide removal, it can also absorb some simple organic sulfides (CS2, mercaptan, COS).

External shape: white or light yellow bar
Gauge: φ4×4~15mm
Pore capacity: 30ml/g
Average empty radius: 284A
Bulk density: 1.00~1.20Kg/L
Side pressure strength: ≥40N/c

Chemical composition:

ZnO≥95%, burning weight loss ≤2%

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