TLT – 920 hydrogenation catalyst

TLT – 920 hydrogenation catalyst is a catalytic dry gas hydrorefining catalyst with titanium – aluminum composite carrier, molybdenum – nickel as active component and appropriate additives.

It can be used to solve the technical problems of coking with olefin content up to 20%, olefin conversion of catalytic dry gas and organic sulfur conversion by using isothermal series adiabatic hydrogenation process.

General physical properties are as follow:

Appearance: pale yellow sphere
External dimension, mm: φ4.0 ~ 6.0
MoO3 content (%) : ≥12
NiO content (%) : ≥2.5
Crushing strength, N/cm: ≥120
Bulk density (g/ml) : 0.60 ~ 0.70
Specific surface, m2/g: ≥150
Pore volume, ml/g: ≥0.35

Packaging, transportation and storage

TLT-920 hydrofining catalyst is packed in a cardboard or iron bucket with a lid, lined with a plastic bag (or packed according to user requirements). Catalyst in the transportation should pay attention to moisture-proof, avoid rolling, crash and other violent shock, in the process of transportation should be rainproof facilities. The catalyst should be stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse to prevent pollution and dampness.

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