TLT – 930 CoMo Hydrodesulfurization Catalyst

Product Information

The TLT930 CoMo Hydrodesulfurization catalyst is a hydrogenation refining catalyst with the carbonization method γ-Al2O3 as the carrier, molybdenum cobalt as the active component and adding an appropriate amount of accelerator. TLT930 hydrogenation catalyst has strong hydrogenation saturation and conversion capacity for organic sulfide and olefin in feedstock gas. It has a wide range application:

  1. the hydrogenation process of dry coking gas with olefin content less than 6.5% and organic sulfur content less than 200ppm;
  2. the hydrogenation conversion process of raw materials such as petroleum distillate and refinery gas;
  3. the hydrorefining process of ammonia syngas, hydrogen and methanol syngas made from gaseous hydrocarbons.

General physical properties are as follow:

Appearance: blue gray bar
External dimension, mm: φ2.0 ~ 3.0
MoO3 content (%) : ≥10
CoO content (%) : ≥2.5
Crushing strength, N/cm: ≥120
Pile density (g/ml) : 0.55 ~ 0.65
Specific surface, m 2 /g: ≥200
Pore volume, ml/g: ≥0.35

Packaging, transportation and storage

TLT930 hydrogenation catalyst is packed in a cardboard or iron bucket with lid, lined with a plastic bag (or according to The user requires packaging). Catalyst in the process of transportation should pay attention to moisture-proof, avoid rolling, crashing and other violent shock, in the transportation should be rain proof facilities. The catalyst should be stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse to prevent pollution and dampness.

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