Z205 thermally protected conversion catalys

Product Information

Z208Y and Z205 conversion catalysts are precipitation-type conversion catalysts with nickel as the active component and alumina as the carrier. They are mainly used in the conversion section of pure oxygen, oxygen-rich and air conversion to methanol, nitrogen synthesis and hydrogen conversion units with gaseous hydrocarbons dominated by methane (including natural gas, coke oven gas, oil field associated gas, etc.).

The high temperature of conversion operation requires the catalyst to have good heat resistance and activity stability. In general, the thermal protection catalyst Z205 and conversion catalyst Z208Y are used together. The thermal protection catalyst requires good scour resistance, relatively stable mechanical strength, and can withstand high temperature above 1300℃.

Performance characteristics:

  • Good heat resistance performance;
    Z205 protectant carrier is sintered above 1500℃, so its thermal stability is very good. After repeated tests, it is proved that the protectant does not produce deformation and broken at 1400℃ with a single weight of 1.9kg for 4 hours, which fully proves that it has good heat resistance performance.
  • Good thermal storage performance;
    The thermal protectant must have good heat storage performance in order to buffer the sudden increase of temperature and really protect the conversion catalyst. Z205 has large particles and its heat storage performance is obviously better than porous sphere type.
  • With certain conversion efficiency;
    Z205 is loaded with more nickel, its content is higher than porous spherical and other similar products, which can make part of the conversion reaction on the protective agent, and its conversion effect is obviously better than porous spherical due to the higher nickel content.

Use conditions:

Operating temperature: ≤1500℃
Pressure: Atmospheric ~ 5.0MPa
Vapor-gas ratio: ≥0.6
Dry gas air velocity: ≤6000h-1

Physical and chemical properties:

Appearance: tile gray lacy ring
Geometric size (mm): 25×15
Specific gravity (kg/l): 1.0±0.05
Strength (N/pc): ≥600
NiO(%): ≥5.0

Packaging and transportation

  • Packed in sealed plastic drums lined with plastic film bags, net weight 50kg or 50 liters per drum.
  • In the process of transportation, attention should be paid to moisture prevention, avoid rolling, falling and touching and other intense shocks; it should be stored in a dry and ventilated place to prevent pollution or moisture.
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